doTERRA – Therapeutic Products

I use these amazing products both personally and in almost all my work i do with adults, children and animals in some form for either emotional or physical support towards enabling the mind to process what it needs to in calm manner and the bodies systems to function at a more optimum level thus becoming happier and healthier especially when incorporated with other modalities i offer.

There is a huge amount of scientific evidence and these are being used widely  in hospitals in other countries for many different things as the therapeutic quality is world class  with absolutley no contaminants or synthetics… i personally have experienced amazing results as well…

I am happy to pass on any further information your require and connect with you for a  demonstration/experience of how these can help you and your family reducing medical costs and empowering you to learn, experience more and take charge of your wellness by having own wholesale account under my wing saving you 25% off retail prices and get them delivered to your door….This can be done wherever you are in the world and im here to help you.

If you click on my doterra link below you will be connected directly to me and my experiences and skills.

The ‘Shop’ tab means if you purchase through there you will be paying retail prices.

The ‘Join and save” tab and selecting wholesale account gives you a wonderful 25% saving off products, access to some great trainings and support groups with the option of making some money out of it or getting free products if you choose…. im happy to chat with you further on that and help you decide what products are best for you.

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