Animal Communication and Therapy

My passion for working with animals has evolved over the last 6 years or so when i became a foster carer for s.a.f.e (save animals from euthanasia) for a while and nurtured the abandoned, anxious little dogs in my home until they were able to be adopted into their new forever home.

Prior to moving to Mandurah early 2017 I had been looking after animals for the  5 years  in their own homes as well while their owners went on holiday.. this meant the animals were much more settled not locked in kennels.. they maintained their own routine and company at home and if they required therapy for anxiety to start with they received that too… the animals were very loved and nurtured.

The actual therapy side as part of my business came about when i realised i was able to use my skills not only for adults but for children and animals… helping them with things such as anxiety, depression, grief, anger, biting, lethargy, pain, gut and skin issues by incorporating my intuitive assessment skills tuning into the actual emotions of the animals as well as the energy blocks within their body and clearing these with ease using my hands, intuitive energy work, doTerra therapeutic grade essential oils and if needed the bioptron light therapy machine.

I love being able to work alongside a vet and compliment the services they are doing on the actual visual/physical level for injury etc.  This in speeds up recovery alot and reduces need for long term medications for pain relief or whatever the case may be.


Beth Werren
Maria is such a lovely person and a great therapist having had a massage with her myself, Maria told me she was a holistic therapist for pets also and came on thursday to help two of our dogs .
our boy had a back and leg problem and our girl had back problems and due to throwing herself wholeheartedly into everything lol she also seemed to be high strung .
Today being sunday they both are better and Oreo seems so much more at peace with herself .
I would recommend Maria to any animal owner to help their pet she’s wonderful .

Gabi Bruce
Maria and I had 2 remote sessions via Skype plus I sent her videos of my 2 cats, because I live in a different state to Maria. It was the first long distance/remote intuitive sessions Maria had done and it worked really well
I have 2 cats (brothers) who were fighting sporadically and Maria’s intuitive sessions came up with DōTERRA essential oils for them plus application area on them. They have become much more chilled out and I’m so happy with how everything has gone!

Emma Watson
Maria has helped our rescue dog Obi many times. Obi is a sensitive dog who tends to be very anxious. Maria has helped us understand his behaviour and uses only the highest quality natural products for treatment. She has helped Obi with his anxiety, recovery after a nasty injury and recurrent ear infections. Our dog is very happy to see Maria each time she comes to visit and I recommend her services. Prices are very reasonable too

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