doTerra Independant Product Consultant – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and wellness products for supporting emotional and physical health concerns.

Ericksonian Hypnosis, Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Performance Consultant.
Neuro Lingual Pathway Repatterning – This is about removing all ‘perceived’ limitations in order to gain behavioural options, mental flexibility and internal power to unleash your potential inany field of life. It is designed to interrupt existing thought and behavioural patterns and then create new responses and choices that work towards better results by creating new synaptic pathways allowing new thoughts/behaviours in a different way.

Results Coaching – for any area in your life eg. work, business, relationships, personal development, either in small groups wanting same outcome or individual sessions.  I am going to be staring up small group study sessions if get enough interest… 1.5 hours per week for 12 weeks and includes a book we all work through together and inspire each other to reach their potential… expressions of interest welcome.

In order to change results we must change behaviour
Your body is ruled by your mind so get your mind free of viruses and your body will heal itself.
Falun Gong – Free group session outdoors comprising of gentle yet very effective stretch/release type moves and other moves which clear the body of negative energy resulting in improved circulation, alertness and tranquility. I personally found this extremely effective after trying all sorts of other things for 4 years after a car accident. After a very short time of doing this i became pain free most of the time with a goal to be back in training for half marathons after being told i would not be able to…….. I am starting these up again in Melros Western Australia.

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