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This book is filled with sound methods and strategies to become wealthy. I am not going to try to give a play by play description of this book but, I will tell you that you will get far better information out of this excellent work than the classic Think and Grow Rich. Instant Wealth will find a permanent resting place on my bookshelf and I am sure over the years that I will re-read this book many times. I have already reread several chapters and found with each reading, I got even more information out of this new classic. I highly suggest that you contact me to purchase your copy. I believe it to be one of the best books on growing your true wealth available today and a great investment in your future.
Here is one quote from the book that I found most profound: To increase your wealth keep asking:”How can I create more value for people?” Chris goes on to say:”The instant you commit to a sharing intention, you embrace an even larger purpose than riches for yourself. Your desire to give back energizes you to achieve much greater levels of wealth. This makes your passion and purpose far more meaningful. It clears the way not just for prosperity, but for ultimate success.” Christopher Howard is a lifestyle and wealth strategist who has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses achieve breakthrough results.

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