Wake up to the riches you have already in your life and learn how to expand your mind to endless possibilities freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. With a group of like minded people we look at key issues in our personal/business life and resolve them quickly transforming your life spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. How would that feel for you? We also together learn the insights of the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world by working through the New York bestseller personal and business development strategies from multi-millionaire Christopher Howard’s ‘Instant Wealth – Wake Up Rich’ in a fun supportive group for 1½ hours per week.
This is a fantastic insight to have for any business and will definitely give you an advantage over any competitors at an extremely affordable price for all.
. re-inspired with new ideas, passions and free of limiting beliefs
This is what you get in the study group package:
• Instant Wealth – Wake Up Rich book (value $35)
• 14 x 1.5hr facilitated group sessions (value $700+)
minimum of 4 per group


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