Massage Therapy – A unique blend of deep tissue, relaxation and other techniques leaving your body relaxed with improved circulation resulting in increased blood flow and oxygen supply throughout your body enabling your body to reset and repair.
The registered and trademarked ‘Aromatouch Technique’ is a beautiful gentle yet highly effective massage using 8 specific certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that work on clearing the meridians, stress management, immune system, inflammation and brings body and mind back to balance.

My Sessions vary depending on the individual and what i feel will best serve them in resetting and repairing their body, mind and soul with ease… I often do intuitive energy work during massage, or also offer chakra balancing and coaching to reset the mindset and to compliment and add on the benefit.

I have absolutely loved working with children who have had sensory and/or emotional concerns and seeing the usually overactive child or a child who is unwell alot fall asleep during my treatment is rewarding as my powerful holistic approach works it magic… usually 2 sessions a week apart is all thats needed with them.

Corporate Massage – Let me come to your busy workplace where staff can enjoy 15 minutes of back, shoulder, neck and arm massage using no oils. This is great for staff morale and frees up tension in those areas from repetitive work and stress resulting in better productivity for the business. Look after your staff and they will be loyal to you………. a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

Personal Training – I tend to now only offer muscle balance /corrective type programme to help assist rehab or strenghten up weaker areas therefore taking pressure off joints and preventing recurring pain or injury and balance concerns… having personally experienced injury, chronic pain and all that goes with it i can add the understanding and empathy of it to my actual trainings and experiences of helping self and others come back after injury and move forth .

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